Football In Sheffield

Sheffield has a very rich history in football and is a very football centred city. Sheffield itself is home to the first ever professional football club in Sheffield FC though they currently play in Dronfield a town just outside Sheffield, there roots are firmly planted in Sheffield though. It is worth noting however that another football team in Sheffield disputes this claim as Sheffield Hallam football club says that they are the first professional team. And they have the worlds oldest football ground and stadium to back up this claim. Other than world’s oldest clubs Sheffield has several other non-league and Sunday sides and boost two clubs currently playing in the top tiers of English football. Sheffield United who play at Brammall Lane and Sheffield Wednesday who play at Hillsborough. Sheffield United play in the topflight of the premier league much to the dismay of the Sheffield Wednesday supporters who play in the championship a tier below.

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  1. Sheffield United
  2. Sheffield Wednesday

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