Welcome to DarkMC!

Call of Thatcher

Call of Thatcher is a game which i made over a few weeks for a project at college. This game was just meant to be a joke and was not meant to be serious. However due to its values to myself and others, I decided to keep working on it and i have succesfully released it on Android and Online.

Stream Assistance

Chat Commands

!user - Shows my PUBG Mobile username so you can add me.
!discord - Shows a clickable Discord URL so you can join my Discord server
!tw - Gives a link to my Twitch
!yt - Gives a link to my Youtube
!timetable - Gives a link to my stream timetable
!bitcoin - See your balance in Bitcoin (Chat Currency)
!donate/!tip - Will give link to the tip page
!cs/!song/!currentsong - View the current song
!next/!nextsong - View the next song to be played
!hours - View your viewed hours on the stream
!pay (User) (Bitcoin) - Pay another use Bitcoin
!spotify - View DarkMC's Spotify playlist
!time - What time is it for DarkMC?
!uptime - View how long DarkMC has been streaming for
!emu - Get a link the emulator DarkMC uses
!nextsong - View the next song in the queue
!site - Visit the channels website.
!top - View the top users by Bitcoin
!top hours - View the top users by Hours

Chat Currency

How to earn currency in the chat?

•If you subscribe you get 50 Bitcoin
•For every minute watched you get 1 Bitcoin. So if you watch for 1 hour you will get 60 Bitcoin.
•I will host 1 raffle per stream.
•Engage in chat activities and mini games
•Doing !daily will give you 100 Bitcoin every 24 hours

Bitcoin Ranks

You earn chat ranks depending on how much ₿itcoin you gain.

Regular - 1440₿
King - 5000₿
Lord - 10000₿
God - 25000₿
True God - 30000₿
Lord and Saviour - 45000₿
MC - 50000₿

What can you do with the currency?


!8ball (Question) - Costs 5₿
!rain - Gives everyone 2000 Bitcoin - Cost 10k₿
!sr (Youtube Video) - Play any song on stream (Not offensive please!) - Costs 50₿
!tts (Text) - Text to Speech. Please keep it clean! - Cost 10₿

Sound Effects

!oof - OOF - Costs 20₿
!alia - Plays Ali-A Intro - Costs 100₿
!uganda - Do you know de way? - Costs 750
!obunga - Obunga is coming - Cost 100₿
!numberone - We are number one! - Cost 100₿
!japan - Will play annoying music to DarkMC - Costs 100₿
!fail - When you try your best and you don't succeed - Cost 50₿
!sad - They ask you if your fine, but your not - Cost 50₿
!ahh - AHHHHHHH AHHHHHHH - Cost 100₿
!russia - Tri poloski - Cost 100₿
!napoli - Napoli Napoli - Cost 100₿
!fortnite - Default Dance - Cost 100₿

Chat currency gambling

!duel (Username) - Allows you to 1v1 someone in chat, Winner gets 200₿ - Costs 100₿
!heist (Bet) - Allows you to enter a heist and rob a bank! - Max bet 1000₿
!boss - A boss battle to fight the Oof Lord or Meme Lord! Who ever survives wins the prize - Cost 100₿
!roll (Bet) - Will pick a random number between 0-20, If you get 0,4,8,12,16,20 - Max bet 1000₿

Chat Rules

1. Be kind and friendly in chat
2. Respect everyone
3. Keep swearing to a minimum
4. No bullying, sexism, racism, homophobia or other hate-based chat
5. Don’t spam words or use all-caps
6. English only in chat
7. No advertising or self-promotion


Tips are optional, but they do help support the stream. And they help me to bring better content to you guys.

Requires logging in with Twitch/Youtube to prevent chargebacking
Link : https://streamlabs.com/darkmc101